wine club

The impeccable quality and a perfect accordance of the product to the established standards is them strong-suit of “Askaneli Dzmebi”.In “Terrassa-Askaneli” wine club, you may taste and purchase the highest-quality wine, Chacha andbrandy, which is exported to more than 15 countries, including European and Asian countries,along with the United States and Canada.

Askanelis’ Company is on the list of the rarest companies in Georgia, due to the possession of Chacha and brandy distilling equipment.Traditional brandy such as Askaneli, Aragveli, Gideli, Orveli, Artwine are exceptionally popular.The company is planning on expanding the range of the product.

The alcoholic beverages company “Askaneli Dzmebi” was one of the sponsors of the internationalsummit for Nobel Peace Prize Laureates held in Poland. In addition to that, the company has wonwine-tasting competitions on several occasions.Taste the wine created through the symbiosis of new technology and deep-routed wine-makingtraditions and discover the heritage of the company.