About the Restaurant
The story originated with Askaneli Brothers now spreads to the coastal city of Batumi where the Restaurant called «Terrassa Askaneli» was launched. More than 35 countries around the globe are supplied by the branded Chacha, fruit distillates, brandy, and wine, produced as a result of symbiosis between the new technology and deep-rooted traditions of winemaking. One may taste the terrassa pitcher system made wines in nearly all around Europe, along with the United States, Canada and many countries in Asia. “Terrassa Askaneli” offers its guests in Batumi three different spaces, each of them intensifying the certain mood. The restaurant, terrassa and wine club will leave you with the most multifarious impressions. Our chefs will provide you with the most delicious dishes from both Georgian and global culinary worlds, with a pinch of individuality in all of them. Another pleasant reason for visiting “Askaneli” is the diversity of live music evenings and professional master classes in wine-tasting. Visit us to find out more!